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​YAS provides both Traditional and Therapeutic Foster Care services in and around the central Ohio region, with over 55 Foster Homes in our network. As the oldest Therapeutic Foster Care program in Ohio, YAS has provided high-quality treatment foster care since 1978. Our team works collaboratively with other child serving agencies to develop and implement a strong community support system for families. Currently, YAS serves and supports foster children in the following Ohio counties: Crawford, Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Pickaway, and Richland.

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) is different than Family, or Traditional, Foster Care in the way that it caters to the physical, emotional and social needs of children and youth in a supportive family setting until the natural family can be reunited or a permanent placement through adoption can be arranged.

The Foster Home is the primary treatment setting for children that have experienced trauma within their family and communities. Foster Parents are trained and supported by YAS to provide the needed trauma-informed care as they implement the goals outlined in the child’s individualized treatment plan. Every home with a foster child placement has a Family Counselor assigned, who not only works to support and coach the Foster Parents but also, if needed, provides mental health counseling to the foster child.

Foster Parents are vital members of the child’s treatment team. The team is made up of the Foster Parent(s), a YAS Family Counselor, the child and his/her/their family, the county social worker and other community resource professionals (as needed) for the child. Support from all of the team members allows the child to benefit from a home environment and community-based setting while receiving counseling and clinical services. In addition to providing individual, family, and sibling counseling, the Family Counselors also regularly meet with each Foster Parent to discuss observations of behavior and assess the effectiveness of current interventions. This collaborative and dynamic treatment process ensures that both foster children and Foster Parents have the support and resources they need.

From Foster to Forever: One Case Manager's Journey Through Seven Adoptions in One Year

YAS Foster Care Case Manager, Jillian Bergman, shares her experience, revealing the transformative power of fostering and the creation of forever families.


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