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From Foster to Forever: One Case Manager's Journey Through Seven Adoptions in One Year

November 2023  |  National Adoption Month

In the heart of this month dedicated to celebrating the beauty of adoption, a YAS Foster Care Case Manager shares her experience, revealing the transformative power of fostering and the creation of forever families. 

​In the world of foster care, where resilience and love intersect, YAS Foster Care Case Manager Jillian Bergman has become a beacon of hope and support for families navigating the intricate paths toward adoption. Since joining our team in April 2019, Jillian has had the privilege of witnessing and being a part of seven heartwarming adoptions this year alone.

Many of these adoptions stemmed from cases she received when she first started, evolving into 3-4 year journeys that culminated in the joyous celebration of forever families. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Jillian embraced the shift to virtual adoption proceedings, enabling her to attend more ceremonies and share her unique perspective on the profound connections formed within these families.

During these virtual proceedings, Jillian stands before judges, speaking passionately about our foster parents and their unwavering commitment to providing safe and loving homes for the youth in their care. Her focus extends beyond the legalities; she emphasizes the profound bonds, advocacy, and dedication these families exhibit, ensuring the judge understands that each child is precisely where they are meant to be.

Navigating the foster care system towards adoption is a journey laden with challenges, requiring patience and an unyielding spirit to endure the inevitable heartbreaks. Jillian, drawing from her extensive experience, offers invaluable advice to those considering adoption through foster care. She emphasizes the importance of foster parents being open and willing to collaborate with biological families. Forging a supportive relationship with the bio family, Jillian notes, not only aids in the process of reunification but also lays the foundation for a lasting connection if adoption becomes the best option.

Reflecting on her four years in this role, Jillian acknowledges the wealth of knowledge gained through firsthand experiences. YAS's exceptional pre-service and ongoing training programs, she highlights, equip foster parents and staff with the tools to navigate the complexities of the child welfare system.

One distinctive aspect of YAS that sets it apart is the continuous support provided. Jillian sees her families regularly, creating a dynamic support system that goes beyond the conventional caseworker relationship. "The family may only see the child's custodial case worker once per month," Jillian notes, "but they see me almost every week. They have my number and can contact me at any time. They know they have constant support."

One of Jillian's most cherished moments is when adoptive parents reach out to share updates about the children in their forever homes. Having been a consistent presence in their lives for four years, Jillian finds solace in hearing about the thriving lives these children lead in their newfound, permanent families.

Jillian's journey is a testament to the transformative power of fostering and adoption, showcasing the lasting impact individuals can make when guided by empathy, dedication, and a commitment to the well-being of every child.

As we celebrate these incredible stories, we invite you to help us continue our mission. Your support, whether through donating to our Comprehensive Impact Fund or considering the life-changing path of fostering, fuels the resilience and hope that guide children and families toward positive futures. Together, let's continue making a meaningful and enduring difference in our community.


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YAS Foster Parents celebrated 7 adoptions this year so far. Pictured above are 4 of them: (from left) Remedy (2yr) to Tara & Michelle Pierson on 5/2/23; Leo (6yr) to Rebecca Mosley on 5/17/23; Twins Yasir & Yasmine (2yr) to Monique Harden on 11/9/23.
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