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Ideally, we seek to reunite the child with his/her/their natural family and then support the family so they can remain intact. However, that’s not always the best course of action for the child or the family.

For a child in foster care with no prospect of reunification, adoption into a caring family is a lifeline. Parents who grow their families through adoption find that the experience is a gift to them as much as it is to their new child.

The joys of adoption, however, come with challenges. For the child and parents, there are very real emotional challenges involved in coming together as a new family.  Our Family Counselors work alongside our foster parents during this journey and are able to understand and help with all of the issues that Adoptive families experience before and after adoption.

Pre- and Post-Adoption Support Services offer individual and family therapy and clinical case management designed to meet the needs of children and youth who will be adopted, or have been adopted from the foster care system. A contract-for-services is available for children and youth adopted privately.

YAS also supports those who are interested in adopting through the Foster Care System by providing the necessary parent training to prepare them for adoption as well as providing a thorough adoption home study.

From Foster to Forever: One Case Manager's Journey Through Seven Adoptions in One Year

YAS Foster Care Case Manager, Jillian Bergman, shares her experience, revealing the transformative power of fostering and the creation of forever families.