YAS' Ohio Early Intervention Program serves children birth to three with developmental delays and disabilities, as provided in collaboration with Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (FCBDD).

Parents and caregivers with concerns regarding their child’s development can have their infant or toddler evaluated by an interdisciplinary team at no cost to the family. Children are evaluated for delays in the areas of adaptive, cognitive, communication, physical, and social-emotional development using a standardized assessment tool. Should intervention be deemed necessary, individualized services are provided to the child and family through YAS’ Service Coordinators who guide the family through every aspect of the process, from program entry until the child transitions out by age three.

The Early Childhood (EC) program, previously referred to as Help Me Grow, is designed to ensure Ohio’s children receive a healthy birth and the resources to warrant a healthy and productive start in life. An integral part of Ohio’s prenatal to age three system of supports, the services offered by EC equip parents with the means to help their child acquire the early building blocks necessary for long term success. These initial achievements last a lifetime, as scientific evidence strongly suggests that a child’s success is significantly determined by the quality of nurturing in the first three years of life. EC encompasses two components: Early Intervention and Help Me Grow Home Visiting. Each component strives to ensure that parents receive the individualized care and support needed to live a healthy and happy life. 

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Making a referral is the first and easy step for Franklin County parents who have questions or concerns about their infant or child.

The easiest and most streamlined way to make all referrals for both Ohio Early Intervention and Help Me Grow Home Visiting can be made one of two ways:

Call 1-800-755-4769

or click here to make an online referral

For many families, being pregnant or having a newborn or a young child is both wonderful and challenging. YAS' Help Me Grow Home Visitors can help link families to resources they need and offer encouragement and support, right in their own home.

As part of a statewide program through the Ohio Department of Health, YAS Home Visitors aim to educate at-risk parents with the resources to understand and capitalize on the optimal early years of a child’s life. By supporting the positive interaction with children in stable and stimulating environments, our Home Visitors seek to create a sturdy foundation in families for future achievement utilizing the Healthy Families America evidence based home visiting model. Ultimately, this approach is essential to the educational and economic success of children and families.

Available for expectant mothers, as well as parents of young children birth to age three, the Help Me Grow Home Visiting Program can help guide parents on things such as breastfeeding, feeding, safe sleep and home safety.